Product Details

Air Intake Hose

The air intake hoses, we manufacture are specifically designed to ensure the secure passage. The functional advantages are long service life of the part.

The other moulded hoses include fuel filler neck hoses, drain hoses, oil cooler, etc. .

They are designed to meet the resistance level of the particular applications. Whether it be temperature resistance ranging from -400 to + 2000 or it be acids, hot aqueous liquids, lubricants, diesel or petrol fuels, bases, various chemicals and the harshest of environmental atmospheres, our products ensure the end user the perfect material technology specifically designed, developed & tested to resist the particular medias its desired to be used for.

"Our moulded fuel filler hoses are supposed to be an impermeable barrier between the external environment and the fuel being transferred keep the hazardous emissions contained inside; even survive a crash impact ensuring there is no fuel leakage. We can provide moulded hoses for applications using different materials depending on the media to be transferred. Besides, where we can provide the advantages like varied diameters in hose ends, ribs for increased strength, locating marks etc. These are designed onto the outer surface for better clamping and secure assembly.


  • Reduce noise level and vibration
  • Can be designed with added flexibility for offset connections
  • Resist tears and punctures
  • Won't harden from exposure to extreme operating temperatures, weather or age