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Axle Bumpers

This part is designed to dampen impact and vibration transmitted whenever vehicle travels over speed breaker or any undulating surface, which can cause the axle to move up or down suddenly causing sudden and severe impact on the leaf springs . We have highly sophisticated and advanced facilities for manufacturing of Bump Stop Rear Axle. We supply superior quality rear axle shafts, front axle shaft, heavy duty axle shafts to almost all OEMs in India. One of our highly demanded products, rubber bumpers are vigilantly manufactured by us. Salient features of the rubber bumpers we offer include dimensional preciseness, durability and high efficiency. Our diverse selection of bumpers has been custom selected for industries and individuals. We manufacture a variety of styles including grommet bumpers, recessed bumpers, stem bumpers and tack bumpers. Bumpers reduce vibration and movement in equipment and they also stop rigid parts from damaging one another.