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The PRI range of Anti-Vibration products has been designed to work over a wide range of machinery and meet the highest standards of quality. We are a reputed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of high quality Rubber Dampers. Rubber dampers are an integral part of suspension system. These reduce the deterioration and also block the noise by absorbing vertical oscillating shocks in automotives and machinery. Our Rubber Dampers are made of high quality rubber. Our cost-effective dampers are highly durable and ensure long service life. We design our Rubber Dampers as per the client’s requirements. Our Rubber Dampers, Industrial Rubber Dampers, Rubber Vibration Dampers are widely demanded in market for their efficient performance

Rubber Dampers

Rubber dampers are used in machinery to either damp internal vibrations or allow vibration but reduce the transmission outwards
from the machine. The model and size for each individual application can be determined by several factors:

a.. Dimension Allowance
b.. Charge per element
c.. Fixing Type (male, female, mixed)
d.. Deflection (the greater deflection, the bigger the clamping) Metalic Dampers Similar applications to rubber dampers but more suited to low frequency vibrations and large amplitude movements


Features :

  • Long Lasting
  • Made from finest quality Raw material
  • Control noise
  • Enhanced Efficiency