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Engine Mountings


At PRI , we specialize in rubber to metal bonded products. These are used to solve any vibration control applications. This means our products are engineered to meet rigid specifications required by a particular application. Part of our capability is that we utilize the flexibility of out-sourcing many of our individual components:

When faced with vibration, shock or noise control issues, PRI is the authority. We specialize in rubber to metal bonded products specifically designed to solve any vibration control problem.

PRI high-quality Engine mounts are fabricated using state-of-the-art rubber to metal bonding processes. Our design and consulting services utilize the same technologies to deliver custom high-quality solutions engineered specifically for your application.

PRI manufactures a wide variety of engine mount vibration control products to accommodate Automotive, Industrial & commercial purpose. Our engine mounts provide custom vibration control solutions for a multitude of machinery applications. Our engine mounts are products that combine quality workmanship and custom specifications to provide vibration control solutions for a number of application needs. Our isolator engine mounts implement state-of-the-art metal to rubber bonding methods that solve vibration concerns and promote quieter controlled engine operation.