Machine Make Capacity Pressure capacity Max. Size of Platten Heating capacity Features
Kneeder Machine Ravi Engineering 25Ltr 100 to 150 PSI          _                    140°Cmax Automatic & Manual
Kneeder Machine Ravi Engineering 35Ltr 100 to 150 PSI          _                    140°Cmax Automatic & Manual
Mixing Mill Modern Engineering 35Kg      _       14” x 38” 70°Cmax Manual
Mixing Mill Modern Engineering 25Kg       _  12” x 32” 70°Cmax Manual
Injection Machine SIGMA 250 DESMA 2.000Kg 250ton  22” x 24” 230°Cmax Fully Automatic
Transfer Moulding Best Engineering Taiwan 4.500 Kg 250Ton 26” ´ 24” 200°Cmax Semi Automatic
Vacuum Compression Moulding Tung yu 5.000Kg 150Ton 18” X 19” 250°C Max Fully Automatic
Compression Moulding Tung yu 5.000Kg 150Ton 14” X 14” 250°C Max Fully Automatic
Hydraulic Press ( 8 Nos ) Durga Industries 0.200 Gm to 5.000 Kg 50Ton to 200Ton 12” ´ 12” to 24” ´ 24” 170°C max Manual
Manual Press  ( 2 Nos ) Durga Industries 0.100 to   1.500 Kg   12” ´ 12” to 20” ´ 20” 170°C Manual
Extruders ( 4 Nos ) Mannu Mechanical 500 Kg 3 HP to 7.5 HP 1.5” to 3.5” 60°Cmax Manual
Vulcaniser ( 2 Nos ) Mannu Mechanical   80 PSI 1meter dia ´ 2 ½ meter length 162°c max Manual
Knitting Machine       ( 1  Nos ) PENGUINE         _ 20mmdia 80mm dia   Automatic
Knitting Machine       ( 1  Nos ) SH Enterprise         _ 20mmdia 80mm dia   Automatic
Braiding Machine(3 Nos) S H Enterprises     32- 48 Spindle   Mannual
Boiler Weldon Engineering         Mannual
Posphating Unit Self         Mannual


Description Type of Testing
Oscillation Disc Rheometer Curing rate of scorch time
Ozone Test Chamber (Dynamic) Ozone Test
Profile Projector Dimensional Check
Tensile Testing Machine Mechanical properties
Universal Testing Machine Mechanical properties
Resilience Tester Resilience
Endurance Tester Fatique properties
Torsion Stiffness Tester Bond Test Under Torque Load
Shore A Hardness Tester Hardness
Compressor Vacuum Tester Vacuum collapse Test
Chemical Test  
Millipore Test Cleanliness/ Contamination
Mono Pan Balance General
Specific Gravity Balance Rubber chemical Testing
Softening Point Apparatus Chemical Test
Cold Chamber Brittleness Test
Bench Centre General
Ovens Ageing Test
Muffle Furnance Ash content Test
Din Abrasion Tester Abrasion Test
Hot Plate General
Surface Plate General
Vernier Dimensional checking
Height Gauge Dimensional checking
Compression Set Apparatus Compression Test
Hose leakTesting Machine Performance Test
Burst Pressure Testing Machine Pressure Test