Product Details

Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints provide a proven and flexible solution to accommodate many types of movements and requirements of industrial plant and equipment. We specialize to offer rubber expansion joints, which is having exclusive advantage in muffling or interrupting noise transmission in pipelines at machine or pumps, in addition to their functioning as elastic pipe connections. They effectively compensate movements in pipeline, at engines, pumps, turbines, equipments, machines, and tanks, and can be utilized to compensate for mounting inaccuracy as sealing elements where pipe systems pass through the walls or as extension pieces on fittings. Moreover, we provide our range in various designs and the fabric structure such as shape and rubber quality, which meet the specific application

These include:

  • Accommodating for pressure loads
  • Neutralizing axial, lateral and angular stress
  • Reducing noise
  • Isolating sources of vibration
  • Compensating for misalignment at plant start up
  • Prolonging the life of motive equipment
  • They are used in all systems transporting fluids, slurries or gases under pressure, at ambient pressure or under vacuum over a wide range of temperatures.

PRI offers a complete range of Rubber expansion joint. These joints are offered in various sizes & can be made as per your requirement. The entire range is available in different types such as single arch or multiple arches. These joints are fabricated of high tensile reinforced rubber. The range of rubber comprises neoprene, EPDM, butyl, etc.