Product Details

Bearing Pads


We use the term “Bridge Bearing” as an indication of quality. All bearings

that support bridges or highway overpasses use Neoprene or Natural

Rubber compounds, so the molded product has high tensile and elongation

characteristics and minimal permanent set and creep. Similarly, they must

pass rigid tests in ozone and oxygen resistance.

When the pads are used for vibration isolation in supporting buildings or

components such as structural floors, secondary floating floors, maximum

“Dynamic Stiffness” is another specified characteristic. This is important as

the Dynamic Stiffness, Deflection and the shape of the Load Deflection

curve controls frequency.

Bearing pads are always solid pads (unlike our waffle pads), because

loadings per square inch are high, often in the range of 1000psi (70kg/cm2).

Capacities are controlled by area, hardness (durometer), thickness and

perimeter relative to the loaded area.

Most of the time we design these pads to specific requirements as per customer requirements/Std specification

While they can certainly be used in acoustical applications, there is a

constant contractor need for a high capacity pad for pipe supports,

structural supports, etc., in the load range of these pads.

Pads can be stacked with 1/8”(3mm) steel plates between them up to

250psi(17.5 kg/cm2) for higher deflections and greater efficiency. Higher

loadings per square inch (cm2) require bonded inserts to avoid pancaking.